26 April 2015

  • General data:
    • We started off at Tony's Place at 0745 Hr with as objective Chao Pluk in Maha Rat district of Ayutthaya. We followed the Lopburi River along the left bank until Chao Pluk over main 3-digit roads. At the return point we made a quick visit to Wat Na Wua a former resting place of the Ayutthaya Kings when visiting Lopburi and made an ice cream stop a bit further at the Chao Pluk Restaurant. From here we returned via the main road to Ayutthaya at good speed. We arrived back at Tony's Place at 1130 Hr.
    • The weather was sunny and hot. Maximum temperature was around 27.2 C (Humidex 30.6) with a ENE wind at 5 Km/Hr. Humidity was 89 %. (Source: VTBD)
    • Technical data of the trip was as follows: Total Distance: 68.54 Km; Moving Average: 20.8 Km/Hr; Overall Average: 18.1 Km/Hr; Maximum Speed: 42.4 Km/Hr; Moving time: 3 Hr 17 Min; Stopped Time: 30 Min; Total Time: 3 Hr 47 Min.
  • Number of participants: 4 (Chris, Pat, Richard & Sean) 

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