21 September 2014

  • General data:
    • Departure was at Tony's Place shortly before 0830 Hr. We biked towards the Elephant Kraal and continued north until Khlong Bang Phaeng, the old Bang Kaeo River. We followed the canal bank a while and then turned towards Ang Thong through the rice fields along off road tracks (sometimes simply no track). We made a photographic stop at Wat Jantha Rangsi and then continued to the center of Ang Thong. Here we turned towards Sala Daeng sub-district to visit Wat Sang Kratai, where we arrived at 1115 Hr. We departed from there around 1145 Hr and drove straight south towards Pa Mok following the Thusop Canal. At Pa Mok we continued on the "Road to Hell" following the west bank of the Chao Phraya River until Ayutthaya. We arrived at Tony's Place around 1500 Hr. 
    • The weather was sunny and hot. Maximum temperature was around 30 C (Humidex: 34 C) with a W wind of 14 Km/Hr. Humidity was 66 % (Source: VTBD). 
    • Technical data of the trip was as follows: Total Distance: 93.26 Km; Moving Average: 19.3 Km/Hr; Overall Average: 14.3 Km/Hr; Maximum Speed: 29.9 Km/Hr; Moving time: 4 Hr 49 Min; Stopped Time: 1 Hr 42 Min; Total Time: 6 Hr 31 Min.
  • Number of participants: 3 (Andy, Sean & Pat) 

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