20 July 2014

  • General data:
    • We started off at Tony's Place in Ayutthaya at 0835 Hr with as objective Prasat Nakhon Luang in Nakhon Luang District of Ayutthaya. We headed from the Elephant Kraal through the Pho Sam Ton Fields following the right bank of the new Lopburi River until we crossed the latter near Wat Khao Din. From there we followed the right bank of the Ko Loeng Canal until road #329 leading to the Pa Sak River and Prasat Nakhon Luang, where we made a short stop. We continued over Ban Chung, Nong Pling and Bo Phong to cross the Pa Sak River in that area. From Bo Phong we came down to Ban Ko and made a stop at Wat Tong Pu to check the temporary wooden bridge linking op with Ko Chong Lom. We continued and crossed the Lopburi River again in Suan Phrik to end at the Elephant Kraal at around 11.20 Hr. Road conditions were mostly all right. The track consists of inside roads without traffic and shows a rural landscape.
    • The weather was cloudy with some light rain at the start. Maximum temperature was around 26 C (Humidex: 26C) with ESE wind at 6 Km/Hr. Humidity was 94%. (Source: Garmin)
    • Technical data of the trip was as follows: Total Distance: 46.35 Km; Moving Average: 21 Km/Hr; Overall Average: 14.9 Km/Hr; Maximum Speed: 27.4 Km/Hr; Moving time: 2 Hr 12 Min; Stopped Time: 55 Min; Total Time: 3 Hr 7 Min.
  • Number of participants: 3 (Sean, Pat & Richard) 

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