The morning tried to pour through, but the shield of mist was obstructing it. We left the resort just before 0600 Hr, still dusk. Once on the road we biked smoothly until Steve asked me about my water. I replied that I had plenty of reserve, indicating the bottles of water behind in my shirt. Then he asked about my water bottles… I looked down and I saw two empty bottle holders. My face turned as green as my shirt. I asked him to wait a moment and pedaled back to the resort. Damned, forgot the bottles in the fridge; extra kilometers as a punishment for my moment of Alzheimer. Could not risk to go with insufficient water as following the map we would bike a long time through an area without habitation, including a steep climb.

We drove back to the road we had left the day before and continued up north, to turn at the indicator of the Historical Park. We passed our restaurant from the day before, now hided in silence; and a bit further the entry to the old city of Si Satchanalai. A short picture stop was made near Wat Chedi Khao Yot at the foot of the Khao Yai mountain ridge. We jumped our iron horses, past the last northern temple - Wat Hua Khon - the Buddha smiling kindly upon us and we left the ancient city behind.

At Wat Chedi Khao Yot (with Steve’s bike) 

We continue to follow road #1201 over Nong O to Pa Ngio - North of Pa Ngio we crossed the Yom River. The Yom River is the main tributary of the Nan River; the latter joins the Ping River at Nakhan Sawan to become the Chao Phraya River. The Yom River starts in the Phi Pan Nam Range of Phayao Province and flows through Phrae and Sukhothai. The Yom runs into the Nan in Chum Saeng in Nakhon Sawan Province. 

The Yom River 

Continued on the road #101 until Mae Sam were we followed the valley of the Yom on the eastern side. Near Mae Sam we turned into road #1177 over Mae Sin. On this road I had planned a shortcut towards #1125, which should save us about 10 K’s. We drove into the shortcut for about 2 kilometers and suddenly the road disappeared. We asked around and found a dirt track leading north, but not looking as the quality of road we had in mind. We decided to join our old road back and some local pointed us the way back to the #1177. The path quickly changed into a stony field track and we had to shift into 4 x4. Never imagined we would have to bike in such terrain to Chiang Mai. After a while we found us back on the main road and headed in northeastern direction until we reached a crossing. We took a 90 degree turn towards Na Phun, known for its columnar basalt formations (at Mon Hin Kong in an area in the mountains near Na Phun), what we reached shortly after 10 o'clock. Here we hit the #1125 and turned east again to meet the Yom River. 

Break along the road 

Our car passed suddenly, stopped and provided us with some cool drinks and fresh bananas. After five minutes we jumped back on our bikes and continued the last part of the #1125, which followed more or less the right bank of the Yom River until Wang Chin. 

Water refreshment stop 

An hour and 20 kilometers further we made a last short stop and we reached finally the Wang Thong Resort (Golden Palace) Wang Chin at noon. Wang Chin is a district in the southern part of Phrae Province, northern Thailand. Originally the area was part of Mueang Lampang district, but in 1930 reassigned to Long district of Phrae province.  

The Wang Thong Resort 

I think the resort was the only accommodation in the area, so apparently not much choice. The owner was very friendly and allowed us into two bungalows; he normally does not rent out. We took a quick shower and went for lunch. We were surprised to find a good restaurant. Pia had bought roasted chicken, sticky rice and fruit on the way up as she thought there was going to be any food at Wang Chin. We ordered some extra Tom Yam Pla and sweet & sour shrimps; after we returned to our bungalows for the daily washing and splashing. We took rest in the afternoon and close before sunset we found us a place near the Yom River to take our dinner. When darkness set in and an army of mosquitoes was attacking us and we went for a sleep as the next days the hills were calling. 

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